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Click IPHANWAREAccount StatementThis report is a Customer Statement of Account. The information is grouped on Country then Customer. There are two Group Header 2 sections, each containing different text, that are conditionally formatted so that one will display if Customer Payment is overdue, and the other will display if Customer Payment is in good standing.iphanware_mofp9394.rptrMOFP9394TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREAlertingAlerting Reportiphanware_vymk3711.rptrVYMK3711TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREBalance SheetConsolidated Balance Statement shown in two cross-tabs: Assets and Total Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity.iphanware_lloy8181.rptrLLOY8181TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREChartCharting Reportiphanware_hqkj9247.rptrHQKJ9247TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARECrossTabAdd new formatting features to your cross-tab.iphanware_pujt6021.rptrPUJT6021TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARECustom FunctionsThis report demonstrates the usage of Crystal's Custom Functions feature.iphanware_jopt9160.rptrJOPT9160TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARECustomer ProfileCustomers' contact information for USA, grouped on a region formula and by first letter of Company Name. Drill down on Company Name to view listing of orders and order amounts received in the specified time period. Drill down on Order ID to view subreport containing order makeup.iphanware_jakc8969.rptrJAKC8969TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREDrill Down Group LevelThis report demonstrates the usage of Crystal's DrillDownGroupLevel feature. This feature can be utilized in condtional formula, case statements, etc.iphanware_vbfs4603.rptrVBFS4603TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREEmployee ProfileEmployee Profile with employee picture, listed alphabetically by employee last name.iphanware_fdxj5988.rptrFDXJ5988TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREEmployee SalesReport showing employee sales by product type for each quarter. Bar graph showing total quarterly sales for each employee.iphanware_thgy0790.rptrTHGY0790TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREFinancial StatementFinancial Statement example report.iphanware_newq0717.rptrNEWQ0717TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREFormulasAdd new formula features into your report.iphanware_sfzu6563.rptrSFZU6563TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREGroupHow to group data.iphanware_toip9512.rptrTOIP9512TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREGroup By IntervalsHow to group data in intervalsiphanware_ixqz3594.rptrIXQZ3594TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREGroup SelectionHow to create group selection based on countries with sales based on the parameter values.iphanware_fbqt0093.rptrFBQT0093TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREHierarchical GroupingThis report shows how to group the records with a hierarchical structure.iphanware_gcbf5969.rptrGCBF5969TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREHyperlinksHow to include new hyperlinking feature in your report.iphanware_ufwq0045.rptrUFWQ0045TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREIncome StatementConsolidated Income Statement for last four quarters showing Gross Profit, Net Operating Profit, Net Income Before Tax and Net Income.iphanware_adxz9727.rptrADXZ9727TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREInventoryAn inventory listing of products by category. Includes information for each product on units in stock, reorder level, units on order, and status (ok, order, or on order). Conditionally formatted based on the product’s status to highlight products that need to be ordered.iphanware_cwow7597.rptrCWOW7597TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREInventory CrossTabInventory cross-tab report by product/type and supplier: Includes sums on units on order and units in stock. Highlighting Expert color-codes fields where stock levels have fallen below acceptable levels.iphanware_brin2659.rptrBRIN2659TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREMailing LabelMail labels with To: Department/Customer Name and Address, and From: Your Company Name and Address and company logo.iphanware_ynev7713.rptrYNEV7713TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREOrder Packing ListOrder packing list grouped on Customer Name and Order ID.iphanware_fdhm0167.rptrFDHM0167TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREOrder Processing Efficiency DashboardThis report demonstrates the usage of Crystal's Custom Functions feature. The report also utilizes Rich Text Format interpretation.iphanware_vefl1064.rptrVEFL1064TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREPercentagesHow to calculate a percentage of the grand total.iphanware_txvc2386.rptrTXVC2386TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREProduct CatalogProduct catalog, grouped by Product Class, Product Type and Product Name with Product Type picture and description. Drill down on Product Name for item numbers, sizes, etc. iphanware_dhfs2871.rptrDHFS2871TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARERecord SelectionHow to create a record selection based on sales < 100000 and the Country chosen via the parameter prompt.iphanware_akef3190.rptrAKEF3190TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARERecord Selection on DateRangeThe report will show the selected orders with their order dates falling in the specified date range/time period, which you must choose as parameters after you refresh or preview the report. iphanware_uami9768.rptrUAMI9768TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARERunning Totals GroupHow to maintain running totals for a group.iphanware_ygbm8176.rptrYGBM8176TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARESales With Geographic MapWorld Sales broken down by country and displayed in a map. Drill down on Country of interest to view Country's Regional Sales with a map. Drill down on Region of interest to view Region's Company Sales.iphanware_mmwm4318.rptrMMWM4318TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARESales With OnDemand SubReport showing employee sales by product type for each quarter. Bar graph showing total quarterly sales for each employee. Drill down on product type to view sales rep's individual product sales.iphanware_lwxk8805.rptrLWXK8805TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARESort Multiple FieldHow to do a multiple field sort based on a parameter.iphanware_gbxo2496.rptrGBXO2496TrueFalse
Click IPHANWARESummary GroupHow to summarize grouped data.iphanware_dzbr9733.rptrDZBR9733TrueFalse
Click IPHANWAREWorld Sales ReportTop 5 Countries' Sales with pie chart. Drill down on Country of interest to view Country's Top 5 Regional Sales with pie chart. Drill down on Region of interest to view Region's City Sales with pie chart. Drill down on City of interest to view City's Company Sales.iphanware_rujh9520.rptrRUJH9520TrueFalse

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